Vòng Cổ RAKUWA Necklace REVO

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12,390,000 VND

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We have started selling the 40th anniversary special commemorative model " RAKUWA Necklace REVO " at Phiten shops, Phiten official mail order sites, and some Phiten dealers nationwide. This is a special necklace that brings together the highest level of technology in Phiten's history. As quantities are limited, please purchase as soon as possible.

Bringing together the best of Phiten technology

Fusion of beautiful design and functionality

By pressing the bottom part of the top, three different expressions appear. The Phiten logo is designed at the bottom of the top.


●Price: 12,000,000 vnd (tax included)
●Size: 50cm
●Materials/Body: Nylon, copper wire, stainless steel
Clasp: Stainless steel, polycarbonate, magnet
LED unit: Stainless steel, polycarbonate, LED
charger: ABS, polycarbonate, LED, Stainless steel (DC5V (USB power supply))

Technology: nano Metax

"Nano Metax" is Phiten's highest water-solubilized metal technology, and is based on Metax, which is made by water-solubilizing various metals, and also contains nano-level fine particles, the smallest in Phiten's history. By wearing products that use this technology, you can support your body into a relaxed state.

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